A transition ritual enables your family to say goodbye, hearing the messages your beloved companion wants you to hold in your memories. Using a combination of blessings, subdued lighting, drumming, soothing music, and anointing oils, you will release the spirit to leave when it is ready, and find comfort in the messages you will receive.

One of the most painful experiences clients endure is the loss of a treasured companion animal. Knowing what the animal wants and needs during a time of illness or impending death can relieve much of the guilt and anguish that accompanies these medical or end-of-life decisions.

Often the animal prefers to leave his or her body rather than undergo extended treatment, while the people around the animal struggle to let go.

Afterward, a post-transition communication session will provide information on the activities your animal companion is engaged in on The Other Side. They describe jobs that are fulfilling to them and amazing for the human families to hear about, and they often describe their visits to the families they have left behind.

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