Defyning Moments Book– Lessons from an Ordinary Life

DefyningMomentsCoverFrt222wIf you have ever wondered what happened to your carefully laid plans, and why your life hasn't followed the path you expected, this book will give you hope and reassure you that everything is unfolding as it is meant to happen.

Share the story of one ordinary woman who found the keys to her own journey, and recognized the moments that defined her best-laid plans and redefined her path.

Single Defyning Moments Book
$ 15.00
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Defy the plan; define the path!

Are you the victim of circumstances you can’t control?

Do you accept physical degeneration or emotional stress as inevitable?

Is your environment promoting optimal wellness or making you sick?

Are your children and companion animals absorbing your negative energy?

Do you want to break out of reactive patterns and live a life of conscious intention?


You can change your life!


Defyning Moments, LLC offers a new path to optimal health and well-being
for people and their animals.

Recreate your environment and your relationships, and allow your body to do
what it was designed to do – heal, regenerate and become whole again.

Services include:

  • The LifeLine Technique® – a holistic system that reveals and harmonizes subconscious reactive patterns to promote emotional well-being and physical regeneration

  • Animal Communication – finding answers to behavioral or physical issues directly from your companion animals

  • Maintaining a Wellness Home – a range of solutions that provide high-quality water, nutritional support, sound sleep, and optimal air quality

All living creatures and all plants are a benefit to something.

~Native American Proverb