Combined with Advanced Magnetic Technology that features specially placed magnets, the Kenko™ PetPad is the ultimate in sleep and comfort technology for your pet, and it's completely machine washable.

kenzen-pet-joint-plusPets can enjoy the same Far-Infrared Technology used in the construction of KenkoTherm® Comforters, the Kenko™ PetPad provides your pet with the breathable warmth of ceramic reflective fibers.

Kenzen® Pet Joint Plus supports both joint health and immunity, to help your pet enjoy a long and healthy life.

Pets depend on good health as much as you do. Nikken recognizes this, and offers an all-natural 14 mushroom blend in the Kenzen® Pet Joint Plus that includes specially-developed, organically grown and laboratory-refined strains that are not available in other mushroom products. This is combined with a formulation that features a concentrated amount of cetyl myristoleate for bone and joint health.

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